Monday, March 26, 2012 re-vamp English version of their website. has just re-vamped the English version of its website. The website has a free website translation widget in the most popular languages of the world and different designs. In addition the website also has a business directory with everything from translation services to computer services.

Due to the popularity of the “flags with border” website translation widget design the company has introduced an additional three variations of this design called: “All major world languages”, “major European languages”, and “French, German, Spanish and Italian”. The new designs are due to popular request and mean that the user does not have to mess about with code. All they have to do is a simple no frills cut and paste onto their website for seamless website translation
Mark Kieran had the following to say, “The website, while still popular really needed a re-vamp aesthetically. Also, we kept receiving the same requirement requests for the same design. To save time for us and users we decided to add the code for variations of the most popular design based on the most popular requirements. The result is that we are now receiving lees requirement requests but more use of the different variations of the design, “flags with border”. It’s a win-win situation where we have managed to keep everybody happy.”
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